A-Rod and Ortiz failed the exact same test.

You seem to be confusing your timeline and events a bit. A-Rod admitted, during an ESPN interview, to his doping (steroid use) in his Rangers era after the SI article outed him in 2009. That’s when the test that he failed in 2003 was reported in irrefutable detail. However he blatantly lied to the camera in 2007 when Katie Couric interviewed him (also on 60 Minutes) after Conseco made all those allegations. But even after all of that, he was still relatively unscathed, as were the rest of the implicated players. Sure he took PEDs and was a liar, but now the MLB has mandatory testing and A-Rod had decided to become a vocal spokesperson to kids about the dangers of steroid use. He’s great again! Remember, Selig couldn’t actually suspend anyone over the information from that PEDs survey and first investigation.

It wasn’t until years later in 2013 that A-Rods reputation took a nosedive because of his involvement with Biogenisis (along with 12 other players who got suspended). He once again tried to publicly deny taking HGH and steroids during this time. So now he’s lied twice to the public, and gone through two stints of admitted PEDs use. How on earth can we draw that comparison to Ortiz. Who’s seemingly more plausible response was “I never knowingly took any”.

And lastly, with regards to testing, the new testing that started just this season is designed to catch type of doping that got A-Rod busted for. It’s already led to more suspensions (17) than the entire Biogenisis bust (13). You cannot compare the testing of today to that of 2014.

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