So… I made an app

This is what it does:

  • Upgrades the Android Share Menu to one that is organized by the apps you share to most, so they are more quickly accessible.
  • Share directly from links. When tapping a link, gently flick or shake your device to open the share menu instead of the browser.
  • Share links directly from your clipboard. Within a few seconds after copying a link, flick your device to open the share menu.

This is what it looks like:

When sharing, or flicking to reveal the menu, your choices fluidly animate in.
Icons raise up when touched.
Touch ripples are shown on all versions of Android. They are colored by the app icon you select.
Each feature can be tweaked and turned on/off independently

This is what it is called:

This is where you can get it:

Get Fliktu on Google Play

Enjoy ;)

I’m the Android Lead at @Pocket. Creator of @Fliktu.
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