Air Strikes by VKS (few by SyAAF), 14 April 2017

Tom Cooper
Apr 15, 2017 · 2 min read

A total of 12 Russian and 5 SyAAF L-39 strikes have targeted the area between Khan Sheykhoun and Latamina between the midnight and 02.20hrs in the morning.

At 04.40–04.50, the Russians launched six fighter-bombers that targeted the Taftanaz area. Quite an interesting development, considering the evacuation of thousands of Hezbollah combatants and civilians from nearby Fouah and Kefrayah, though possibly in reaction to somebody (apparently the HTS) mortaring one of huge convoys of involved busses.

Around 09.30, the Russians commenced launching their first ‘big wave’ in days. This lasted until around 11.35hrs, and included a total of 18 take-offs. The SyAAF was active too, launching two MiG-21s and several helicopters from Hama, but overall the activity was actually minimal.

A single Su-24 launched from Tiyas at 15.05, but the next take-off was reported from Hmemmem only around 16.21. It signalled the start of the next VKS wave: this lasted until 17.30 and included a total of 16 take-offs. Two additional SyAAF Su-24s launched from Tiyas during that period too. The evening VKS wave commenced launching from Hmemmem AB at 18.49: it included a total of 18 take-offs by midnight. SyAAF’s L-39s were very active during this period too.

Totals VKS fighter-bombers: 68 helicopters: 4 UAVs: 8 recce: 0

SyAAF helicopters: 4 L-39s: 14 MiG-21s: 2 MiG-23s: 0 Su-22s: 0 Su-24s: 4

Note for those who intend to use this data in for any kind of reporting: please, kindly mention the source. Collecting, sorting out and presenting all the info offered here takes plenty of time, and the results of my work remain my intellectual property.

This kind of work further requires good understanding of topic in question. Just one example: registered UAV-sorties mean no ‘air strikes’, and should by no means be added to these. Furthermore, usually it is entirely unclear who flew the UAV sorties in question: the VKS has about 30 of thee deployed in the country, is flying most of UAV sorties over Syria, and is almost certainly flying many more than are registered. That is why I’m listing these under the VKS.

However, the VKS is not the only one flying UAVs over Syria: the IRGC is doing the same, Assad-Regime might have a few, and the USA are flying UAVs too. Out of all of these only the US-operated UAVs — i.e. so-called UCAVs — are capable of flying air strikes.