Ukraine War, 21 September 2022: Putin’s ‘Mobilisation Light’

I’m getting lots of ‘nervous’ questions about Putin’s ‘mobilisation’….

OK, for the start, it’s no ‘general mobilisation’.

It’s something like ‘partial mobilisation, light’: as assessed in the interview here, he’s mobilising 300,000 ‘reservists’ — foremost members of veteran associations (which are a tight knit, and then for years after serving, ‘anyway’), and who are actually in the process of mobilisation for months already — and parts of the economy (to bolster arms production).

According to Shoygu, you know, this should be perfectly enough, because ‘100,000 Ukrainian troops’ have been killed, and thus ‘50% of the Ukrainian Armed Forces have been destroyed’… while the VSRF lost ‘5,937 troops’…

….of course, Putin is now near-certain to run one of his scam-’referendums’, and simply declare about 20% of Ukraine for ‘Russia’: that way, Russian conscripts with minimal training (because the VSRF alreadys now has too few officers and NCOs who can train, organise and lead them) can enthusiastically get hacked to pieces while serving on the ‘territory of the Russian Federation’ — while actually fighting in Ukraine…

Ah yes, and: foreigners are now eligible for service in the VSRF — with the reward of Russian citizenship after finishing a 12-month stint.

I’m so excited, can’t say: looking forward to see all the enthusiastic Putin-trolls from the social media travelling to Moscow and joining the Russian Armed Forces, in droves. Now they can help personally: no need to waste electrons any more to vent their dissatisfaction. Now they can all join the VSRF and earn themselves glory in this historic showdown with Western imperialism…



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Tom Cooper

Tom Cooper

From Austria; specialised in analysis of contemporary warfare; working as author, illustrator, and book-series-editor for Helion & Co.