Ukraine War, 28 September 2022

Putin’s ‘no step back’ directive is ‘working’ as well as all of his military orders in this war, and thus here another ‘quick and dirty’.

Once again, focusing on ‘south-eastern-most corner’ of Kharkiv Oblast, especially the area between Borova and Lyman…

Break-through from Kupyansk is coming forward with advances in southern- and south-eastern direction.

North of Pisky-Radkivski, Ukrainians have entered villages immediately south of Borova. Ukrainians report that this side of the frontline is held by the 144th Motor Rifle Division.

East of Pisky-Radkivski, Ukrainians have liberated Ridkodub and Katerynivka, and are definitely pushing for Makiivka (and further north and north-east). Nove was said to still be contested (i.e. local Russian garrisons are following Putin’s ‘no step back’ order), as of the last evening, but AFAIK, ZSU passed by them, early on, and as of this morning Nove was under Ukrainian control. This sector seems to be ‘held’ (where ‘held’ is relative….) by the 1st Guards Tanks Army.

At the same time, they’re pushing south, into the back of Lyman, and have liberated Kolodyezi.

Closer to Drobysheve: Ukrainians have liberated Shandryholove: the local Russian garrison melted away, leaving behind at least several T-72s…

The VKS was once again ‘out’, attempting to slow-down Ukrainian advances: ZSU claimed three Russian jets as shot down.



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Tom Cooper

Tom Cooper


From Austria; specialised in analysis of contemporary warfare; working as author, illustrator, and book-series-editor for Helion & Co.