…and we keep celebrating together!

It all started nine years ago, with just 5 people in a very old shared apartment in Palermo, Buenos Aires. It started as a small startup with the right mix of enthusiasm and professionalism. And from there we grew together to form what is now an amazing community of developers and friends.

But we’re no longer in Palermo, we’re no longer in Buenos Aires. Oh, no! We’re no longer limited to South America anymore! We now have members all over the globe, and that’s why we needed to find different ways to celebrate our birthday together.

This year, we decided…

What we did when our company was closed

September 1st, 2018 marks Inaka’s 8th anniversary. But this time, it’s a very special one: It’s also the first anniversary of the Inakos as a community.

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Source (by Niall Kennedy)

A year ago, when we were about to celebrate 7 years of existence, our company (Inaka) was closed. At that point, most of us had to decide how to move on from there. And… boy, oh, boy! Did we move on!

As individuals, all of us found new exciting jobs in different companies and even in different places all around the world. …

As you might have noticed, we’re in the process of republishing stories from the old inaka blog that was taken down recently. I would like to use this entry to republish 3 of our oldest ones. But I won’t just straight up copy&paste them since a big chunk of their text doesn’t make that much sense now.

What I think it’s important to notice is how these things grew organically, perdured over time and defined our culture, that culture that we’re still very proud of. The three entries were:

  1. Inaka Friday Lunches (from November 2012)
  2. Inaka:Pong — DIY Sport (from…

An old story, worth re-telling

Almost 3 years ago, in a blog that’s now gone, we published a story about the lessons we learned in our 5 years of existence. We’ll publish something new soon, when we reach our 8th anniversary. But we feel this story is worth telling again since the lessons are still more than worth a read…

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The oldest version I could find of “The Wall of Shame” (This is from 2013) — with Marcelo Gornstein, Gustavo Chaín and several other old timey rockstars!

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Last Friday it was the first Erlang and Elixir Conference in Argentina (and in fact, in Latin America). For people that are not used to attend this type of events, the Erlang Conference in San Francisco is the most important event related to this language (at the moment) and we were really happy to be granted the honor of organizing the first of, we hope, many conferences to come here in Argentina.

At Inaka we generally have lightning talks on Fridays related to different topics that cover all the languages and technologies implemented in the company. This time Nacho, Brujo and Medid a brief summary of some of the talks we attended during the conference.

Want to see the videos of the conference? Check the full article: http://inaka.net/blog/2017/07/07/erlang-and-elixir-factory-litle-b-a/

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It has become quite common nowadays to find publications about anything you can imagine on the web: food, social relationships, how to solve x problem, news about new products, etc. There are different sites and forums where you can find that information, and in general they are organized by one or more than one person. And of course under every list of subjects or publications there’s always a logic or reason as to why all those posts are organized or published in that particular way. That can be the job of a Community Manager or, more specificly, a Blog Manager.

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Spelling CI / Sheldon

You probably know the feeling…

…when you fix a very important issue in that “super cool” open-source project. You keep all your attention to those parts of the code where your changes could affect something, you run the tests until you can confirm: “It is fixed now, I am sure”; but then again, you run all the tests again up until, as the brave developer you are, you click the “open pull request” button. You are happy because you know the problem is fixed, everyone is going to love you… but a reviewer appears and rejects your changes because, on the documentation, you wrote “wihle”…

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Sometimes, you can find yourself having to reverse geocode a large bunch of points. That is, finding an address from a coordinate pair (latitude and longitude). Some time ago, I found myself in that situation: we were developing an app containing a pretty big dataset of locations, having a latitude and a longitude, but lacking an address.

What you usually do is buy a service to reverse geocode your data. However, this is slow and expensive, and sometimes all you need is an approximate address, a city, to put the place in the map. We found ourselves in that scenario…

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Have you ever played or been asked to play 20 questions? In the game, one person chooses an object which is not revealed to the other players. The point of the game is for the other players to guess the object by asking only 20 very smart questions.

At Inaka this is not a game and, thankfully the input we receive is far more detailed and we have a lot more than 20 guesses to get it right. In case you’re wondering, I’m talking about the estimate process.

Here at Inaka we spend a lot of time with companies learning…


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