The Inevitability of Facing Ourselves
Charlie Scaturro

Hi Charlie,

This popped up in my feed today; I am glad it did.

My journey to self-actualization hit a brick wall when I sat down to write about a difficult happening which I caused and had massive ripple effect. But… I couldn’t do it. I’ve never been unable to write. Writing is my catharsis, my healing. In self-actualization, writing is also a mirror and my reflection was about to turn very ugly. I got nauseous, physically ill, at the thought of sharing this “stuff” outside my head.

I learned a hard lesson that night: I’m all talk and no game.

I happily shared with people that I actively sought my inner self … until I hit a roadblock because I couldn’t, or wouldn’t, face the most difficult truth I know about myself. Damn, that’s pretty fucked up.

That was a couple of years ago. I still haven’t written about it … it’s not fully real until I do. I will fill that gap when I’m ready. Until then, my journey goes on albeit with more humility.

Thank you for showing me that I’m not alone.

With love — Rye

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