Brianna Wu Claims Harassment

I Call Bullshit

Typically, the medium pieces that I write are really long, really well researched and really in-depth.

This is not one of those medium pieces.

Brianna Wu claimed that SPJ Airplay would bring a “ton of harassment.” If this happened — and I am flat out saying that it did not — it did not happen on twitter.

Once again, you are told to ‘believe the victim’ — with very little evidence to support any claim to victimhood. This is a trend with Wu, specifically.

Do not take my word for it.

Here is a link to EVERY tweet sent to Brianna Wu from August 13th to right now. [ LINK ]

Pointing out that someone is claiming to be harassed while no evidence exists to support that claim is not harassment. Pointing out that someone might be engaged in a con-job is not harassment. It is not victim blaming.

If there are valid reasons to believe someone is lying, and turning a profit off of it, you would be dishonest and unethical not to point this out. [ LINK ]

Why would anyone pretend to be harassed…?

Feel free to test this out in any way you deem fit. I feel I have nothing to hide. Check into this claim for yourself. See if you can verify it. I looked into it for about an hour, and I could not.

This leads to an uncomfortable question.

How many times does Brianna Wu have to claim harassment in a manner that is empirically baseless before people call her on these objectively false claims?

I suspect there will be an article, somewhere, about Wu being “chased off” social media.

Remember: EVERYONE who is using the #GamerGate hashtag to spread awareness about the gaming press’ failures is a terrorist. They are terrorists because Brianna Wu said so.

I sincerely hope people start to figure these things out for themselves.

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