I am different but not so different.

I am different from the people in my school. Well, I always was. But I mean that from childhood always had trouble fitting between my colleagues when I was in elementary school. Of course, I had friends, but we were not equal. Anyway, in high school it was even worse.

Many of my colleagues changed, like my friends. The worst is that I started to feel alone.
At recess my classmates and I were going to the bathroom “to talk”, but they always gave me back. I was the “weird girl” of the group. Why? They preferred a different style of music or because they preferred parties and cigarettes or boys and drugs. So i was alone. Yes they talked to me….for the homework.

Well no matter, I do not want to do this boring and long. Now I’m fine, and the point of this writing is introduce myself and that I am different from those party and crazy girls , but I’m no different than the girls who have gone through what I went through and maybe they still may not fit well in their group, but it’s ok to be different.

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