WeChat Index helping open its opaque social network to marketers

WeChat Index has been released for nearly a month now. It’s a keyword-based trend tracking tool that offers a new perspective for marketers on once an opaque WeChat social network. Shortly after its initial release, the server was down for a couple of hours due to huge traffic.

See how the keywords UA and ‘美联航’ (United Airline in Chinese) has been trending since United’s re-accommodation of its passenger

As per WeChat team’s release note, WeChat index is calculated based on WeChat search keywords trend, articles published by WeChat official accounts, and articles publicly shared inside friend circle, which is generated by its staggering 900 million monthly active user base.

How to access the tool? Just type in the search box ‘微信指数’, or ‘微信指数+Keyword’, or ‘Keyword+微信指数’, the entry to WeChat index page will show up in the search results.

Search to access WeChat Index

The tool itself has very limited features now. You can only do keyword based search and view the index in the past 7, 30 and 90 days, and detail index for each day can be viewed by tapping on the chart.

Tap on the chart to view detail index of a specific day.

It comes in handy to view how people reacts to a certain campaign. Above is the result of the keyword ‘安踏儿童’ (a local sports and apparel brand’s kids division). The spike in late Feb. corresponds to their release of their new video clip.

Trend of popular keywords
Comparison of 2 films in cinema now

Comparison of ‘大话西游’ a local Chinese film (a special edition / replay of a film that was released in the 90’s) and ‘Fast and Furious 8’.

Chanel v.s. Estee Lauder

What would be the difference between Chanel and Estee Lauder? Chanel enjoys close to 2 times of the attention Estee Lauder has inside WeChat social network.

Personally, I would have these features added,

  1. Trending keywords
  2. Related keywords
  3. Co-relate to the pieces of content that drives up the index for the keyword
  4. Persona of content consumer and their content consumption behavior pattern

Although feature-wise WeChat index is still at its infant stage, the implication of it is significant. The once opaque social network inside WeChat is finally being opened up.