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“The biggest challenge I’m facing right now is long lead times. Active candidates typically want a job NOW. In my own company, time-to-fill has gone from about one month to now two months. Keeping the best candidates engaged through this timeline is always tough…”

Glen Loveland, HR Manager, Global Talent Acquisition of CGTN

In a growing business, it quickly becomes apparent that standardized and formal recruiting processes are needed to manage the hassle of on-boarding more people or hiring new employees. As part-time consultants, external recruiting firms, or HR departments are often not an option for smaller companies due to high costs, it makes sense to engage in human resource management and to build an internal hiring process to ensure the next phase of corporate growth.

Each new application and employment increases the administrative capacity. As the company grows, ways must be found to…

XALT Business Consulting GmbH

@Atlassian Solution Partner. XALT guides you on your way to #DevOps, #Cloud and #Agile, with the help of #Opensource, #Atlassian, #Docker and #AWS.

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