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Being able to read can make a world of difference, I’m speaking from experience as I spent most of my childhood reading. My mom also thought I had a mental disability because at first it was hard for me to learn the alphabet and remember words. However once I developed a love for reading it has stayed with me through my life so far and by the time I was 14 years old I probably read more than 500 books .

I believe the best thing you can do for a child to prepare them for the future is teach them to read early in life so they can gain knowledge and carve their path in the world.

I haven’t read so often since then buy by my estimates I could reach about 1000 books read in the next three years or so. This would be a great number I could share with people once in 40 years old.

The other side of the coin is making sure your child can use what they read and learned, knowledge is power only if you use it, otherwise it’s just stored information.

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