Modern Indian Careers
Sidu Ponnappa

Sorry for the funny handle,

Sidu Ponnappa, IMHO most of the trending jobs in India is seasonal. I graduated in computer engineering from a “reputed” self financed college in Kerala 6 years back. Back then the rush into the CSE dept was remarkable, housing 120 students in the batch just for CSE. In the later years, the trend went down and as the IBPS came up the trend shifted towards bank jobs. IDK about you , but I witnessed CSE and MeX engineers running for bank jobs claiming security , pay scale and allowances than trying to yield in mainstream where they were taught good.

The reality about engineering is , most of the now “engineers” are taught. They dont learn, they are taught. They gets easily bored when they see that there are other oasis next to it. I had been working for the same company 6 years, and most people ask me, isn’t it time to jump? but to where and why if I am OK with it here?

Right now, the educational trend in India is in the Commerce and CA sector as there are many openings in here and abroad. We might have to wait and watch what is the next trend (As after SBx-SBI merger, most are now saying bank jobs are unsafe :P )

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