What Are The Ways Of Checking The Authenticity Of Persian Rugs?

What is a Persian rug?

A Persian or an Oriental rug is not simply the floor covering but it is the work of art. The antique Persian rug dates back to the 500BC and much development have taken place. You may want to buy a Persian rug but it is also important to check out the authenticity of the rug. An authentic Persian rug will have bright colour and carry a stylish appearance to brighten up your space. In fact, Persian rugs Adelaide can add an exotic touch to the room and simply light it up. It is slightly unusual, unique, genuine and hard wearing. It is an oriental rug featuring heavy textile and is made for symbolic and utilitarian purpose. Carpet weaving is a crucial part of Persian art and culture. When it comes to a Persian carpet, it stands out in terms of elaborateness, variety and manifold design.

The cost of authentic Persian rug

An authentic Persian rug will cost you higher even if mass produced. The Persian rug may be handmade or machine made. The rug is sure to last longer and thus the investment is worth considering. Nowadays, fake rugs are imported and sold as Persian rugs. Owing to the cheaper cost of the rugs, people are tempted to buy them. Thus, it is crucial to know the features of a genuine Persian rug.

Looking for certificate of authenticity

When you are buying Persian rugs Brisbane, you must check out for the certificate of authenticity. You must never buy a rug which does not have the certificate of authenticity. Apart from this, it is also crucial to check out how far the certificate is authentic. Sellers do offer fake certificate. There are some traits of authentic certificate that are must to watch out. A real certificate to authenticate the genuine Persian rug will carry details about the rug like the age. the size, price and the purchasing date. You need to find out how far the facts listed on the certificate matches with the condition of the rug. If it matches then the certificate is genuine. In fact, a certificate is also important for insurance purpose.

Check out the back of the rug

By checking out the back of Persian rugs Brisbane, you can judge how far the rug is genuine. The pattern of the rug may be understood once you check the back. There may be slight imperfection in the making of the rug but this is a good sign. The weaving may be a bit imperfect. If the rug is too perfect in appearance and weaving, it implies that the rug is machine made.

Check the tassels

You may also check out the tassels on the rug. This is another part of the weaving process. The tassel must be the part of the material with which the rug is made up of. The rug is definitely fake if the tassel is glued.

Buying a genuine Persian rug is worth the money. Only a genuine rug will last for generation after generation. Consider the insurance coverage for the genuine rug. Since the rugs are investment pieces, it is important to consider insurance.

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