Every little thing has vast consequences

The dynamic of human nature, natural events and random interactions is so incomprehensibly complex.

But at the same time it is almost intuitively certain that if we were to travel back in time to rewrite any one (possibly even innocuous) event, the resulting changes from this may be minuscule at first but would nevertheless compound itself, rippling far and wide – causing a deviation from the original course of events to a significant degree.

Every single action we take today is in the process of writing the future.

We can even argue that our past wrote our present.

Judge your present actions harshly, wary that every seemingly insignificant decision could in the long run affect the lives of those around you deeply.

It is okay (even important) to sit back once in a while to enjoy the natural course of events, but never forget that you still have the power to write the futures history – whether your actions are negligible or not is up to you.