Why I Never Finish My Projects

I hate it when I fail to address everything.

So when I work on a project I have great difficulty in starting without first researching an inordinate amount. Only when I have a clearer idea of how I am going to write everything can I begin.

But someway through I might decide to double check or research something in a bit more detail.

It is usually here that I enter my cycle of self loathing…

The thing is I usually end up discovering some profound idea that I failed to address in my original plan. Something which will end up changing a significant portion of what I have already done. And I feel this deep sense of regret about not having researched just a bit more beforehand, which could have saved me from all the extra hard work.

So I work painfully on it for a bit.

But then I think – well, it is hardly worth the trouble since I’ll probably end up finding another new thing three quarters of the way through which will screw up everything I’ve already written again.

So then I often end up just leaving it half done because it is just so much work to rewrite and replan and redo almost everything.

And I try to distract the voice in my head (that is furiously reminding me that I’ve already spent a month working on this project) — by starting a new project – which I tell myself I’ll surely do better on this time around.

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