Who are we really?

How we act may not be consistent with what we think.

We may choose to act modestly even if we still believe we are superior.

We may choose to do something unselfish but only because we want to project a positive image of ourselves to the public.

So much so that we fool ourselves into thinking we are something we are not.

To be liked, to belong, to be accepted – these are just some of the incentives for us to behave in a certain way.

Who are we really on the inside? Who are we honestly?

Someone bright and sunny all the time might be simply putting up a facade, hiding their true motives inside.

Yet, a sulky, moody person might in fact be honestly revealing their true self to the outside.

First impressions are rarely a accurate. People are often much more complicated than one dimensional labels and stereotypes. Yet we are quick to judge and discriminate based on this anyway.

Seeking to understand others is vital – though a little introspection into ourselves is the key.