The healing

I took pictures of the flowers he gave me on valentines day the day before my heart broke.

As long as it felt, you now look back and you catch yourself thinking about how broken you felt and how much you have healed, how much you have learned, how much you’ve hurt, cried, changed but mostly how your heart doesn’t feel heavy anymore, it still hurts but not quite as bad, you’ve learnt to live with yourself again, to be alone and not depend on someone who kept hurting you. One day you realise it’s okay if you still cry sometimes when you’re laying on your bed at 2 AM but you know that you’re only human, you know that when the leg you broke starts to feel like it has healed there are still some steps you take that hurt every now and then, you know it’s okay. One day you just feel that although you might not have forgiven them for all the pain they’ve caused you, you’re not tied to that pain anymore… you’re aware that you are how you are at the moment because that pain shaped you and you’re somewhat grateful that it happened, you’ve now experienced it so next time you won’t be as naive, you won’t be as gullible but you know you’re ready to love again, you might be scared but you’re ready to feel loved, in fact, you always were… you just chose the wrong person to love you.

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