Why is keeping your brand colours consistent so important?

Keeping your brand colours consistent is important but can be difficult to achieve.

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Colours make up a vital part of your company’s brand elements and can affect how your customers feel about your brand.

This blog will explain why keeping your brand colours consistent is so important and some hints and tips on how to achieve it.

A brand’s colour palette can strengthen a brand and improve customer recognition. It can also be used as a tool to tap into consumer emotions and purchasing decisions and to help control how the brand is perceived.

To illustrate the power of colour in branding, take a moment to think about five famous brands and the colours that you immediately associate with them. …

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Are you part of the creative team in your office? Maybe you sit in the branding or design team. Or perhaps you work in marketing…

In each case, you probably suffer the constant frustration that you want to spend your time being creative but, in fact, you spend a large amount of your time on admin tasks.

Creativity takes time but, unfortunately, most creative jobs also come with a large number of administrative tasks. …

Your business is up and running, you have set yourself up and you are generating leads….but how do you track those leads and ensure that as many as possible become valued customers?

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Most people are familiar with the concept of a traditional sales funnel but might be less confident on the workings of a digital marketing funnel. I certainly was before starting my own business.

At Pilcro we have learnt a lot in the last few months about how to manage your leads and move them through your funnel so I wanted to share some of those learnings.

What is a digital marketing funnel?

At its simplest, a digital marketing funnel is a way of visualising how people or business can move through a marketing process to become customers. …


Xanthe Kueppers

Founder of pilcro.com | Sometime lawyer www.pilcro.com

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