Answer to the Question Do Hobbits make Good Surfers?

Although Hobbits are mostly known for their lack of adventurous spirit, it is widely known that there are descendants of the Took and Brandybucks family who were the Hobbits who eventually found fame (and a ring) and are often spoken about in E-Entertainment. Furthermore, one breed of Hobbit — The Stoors are shorter and stockier and already are recognised as having an affinity for water, boats and swimming.

So for the question “Would a Hobbit make a good surfer?” I have to say that not only would they make excellent surfers; I intend to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that they are no Barney.

First of all, a good surfer needs good balance. Hobbits range in height from about 0.61–1.22m tall (or should I say 1.22m short). They have broad shoulders and disproportionately big feet. Using the formula CG = (W1d1 + W2d2 + W3d3 + … ) / W we can see that Hobbit’s centre of gravity is closer to the ground proving that these guys will not take a gnarly wipeout too easily.

Another thing a good surfer needs is strength and endurance. It is widely known that Hobbits have the strength of about 10 men. You won’t catch that wave by staring at it, you need to be completely lined up. That takes energy. Or did you think those bitchin green rooms just come to you?

Looking at lifestyle comparisons it is clear they already are soul surfers. For one thing Hobbits have often boasted about inventing of the art of smoking pipe-weed. In fact, their strength could be attributed to the type of weed or ganja, if you will, that they smoke. Furthermore, they enjoy eating about 6 meals a day. This is because they have the munchies bro!

They dress in bright colours and they only come of age at around 33 years old. This “stay-young” lifestyle is synonymous with being stoked and living in the now. As Shaun Tomson says, “live the what is, not the what ifs”. Staying young till you are 33 is the way to go.

Lastly the feet of all Hobbits are covered with brown hairy fur from the ankles down and they have leathery soles. All I have to say is: built in UGG Boots mate!

I think that by now, you will be able to recognise the universal truth. HOBBITS MAKE GREAT SUFERS! DUDE.