DMN Designers Movie Nights — One Designer, One Movie, One Event

Viktor Suszter
May 5 · 3 min read

Dear Friend,

Nearly a year ago I wrote to you about the Eastern Design Conference, which participants praised as a huge and unforgettable success. Inspired by this event, I began thinking about how to create local design-centred events and community. I believe that a liveable future requires strong, cooperative, and collaborative communities who share knowledge voluntarily and selflessly.

I have experienced the power of strong, cooperative and helpful communities in many positions and circumstances, and know that only through communities can we change our future. I design professionally as a career, but also teach design because I believe that strengthening our community and future requires the selfless sharing of knowledge. Only those communities who can do this will, in the long run, survive.

To help us achieve this goal, I have created and am happy to announce a special event called DMN Designers Movie Nights: one designer, one movie, one event.

One night every month, at Bem Mozi (a must-see, independent, 100-person cinema in Budapest, Hungary), one designer–presenter will inspire us and introduce that night’s movie with a no-longer-than ❤ 30-minute presentation either closely or thematically related to the movie, followed immediately by the film.

Designers Movie Nights is the beginning. What happens after? Well, that’s up to you…me…us… Let’s build a strong designer community together, sharing new perspectives and ideas about responsible, good design and design processes, not just in traditionally defined fields of design but throughout society and in our environment.

Use the DMN website to check out upcoming events, and use it as a platform for promoting designer movie nights in your city.

Dear friend, welcome to your Designers Movie Nights!



PS. Contact me via the website for details or directly here, and thank you, friends, for your selfless help, namely: Ambrus, Attila, Bence, Dani, Levi, Kitti, Peti, Robert, Sanyi and Zalán.

Viktor Suszter

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Don’t follow styles, let’s create them! Designer and typographer from Kosice, currently living in Budapest, Hungary.