The extremely rapid development of the crypto world and with the constant changes in many areas ranging from technology, introduction and revisions of legal regulations, trading, marketing and many others, crypto projects need to adapt frequently and take on the task of continuous change, if they want to ensure their development and their future. Many of them do not succeed, as many as 59 percent of the projects started last year, has already announced termination of their activity. Xaurum however, has within three years since the start of the project, kept up with the challenges and managed to reinforce its resilience.

Growth of XAUR gold reserves in past years.

The Xaurum team is always watching closely the events in the crypto world and the financial markets in general in order to successfully adapt to the conditions. Within three years the project has reached several important milestones and fulfilled the commitments given at the beginning. The creation of a real value in crypto world is proved by the quantity of the golden base of Xaurum, which has grown to more than 129 kilograms, yielding an increase of more than 800 percent return on the initial offer of coins.

We were and remain committed to transparency of our business, which is why this year the gold reserves of the Xaurum commonwealth has been audited by one of the largest auditors in the world, PWC, that has confirmed the accuracy of all our statements. Xaurum is globally accessible, and a strong network of business connections is being set up rapidly all over the world, an application has been developed to register users following KYC and AML protocols. The safety of xaurum holders is one of the most important goals, so this year we have made possible the funds to be safely deposited at the Xaurum Holding.

The Xaurum project has responded to the impulses of the crypto ecosystem throughout its history and upgrading itself accordingly. The current market conditions again require an upgrade of the project in order for it to continue in the pursuit of its goals. One of the fundamental goals is the constant increase in the real value of xaurum coins occasioned by the growth of the gold reserves.

After careful consideration and on the basis of numerous conversations with our community, financial experts and experts in the crypto world, we have made a decision that will enable even faster growth of the golden base for each xaurum. This will be achieved by a mechanism that allows minting in almost any situation on the market and the annulment of the production price mechanism. This also annuls the rule, which stipulates that 30 percent of the minting funds can be used to buy on the market when the market price of xaurum is lower than production price. This step will prevent the sale pressure of speculators that is now possible because of the predetermined and publicly known production price. This will ensure a greater resilience of xaurum on markets, lessen volatility and reduce the sensitivity Xaurum mechanisms to market events. The leadership of Xaurum will continue to follow the market so it will never be flooded with new xaurum without a good reason — the demand for new xaurum.

One of the important goals is to increase the number of masternodes from other countries, which will contribute to the expansion and bigger awareness of the project outside Slovenia and the use of diversified business infrastructure developed by Europe’s, Australia’s and Brazil’s developed by the Golden Node masternode, that will continue to take care of sales activities in Slovenia.