2016 is a very special year for my family. My mother turns 60 years old today. My grandmother turns 90 on March 27th, my first daughter will be born sometime around April and I turn 30 years old on November 18th.

0–30–60–90 (one might call it the circle of life.)

It might sound cliche but my grandmother has truly been there for me throughout my life. I remember her staying over with me whenever my parents and my sisters left town, we would stay up late watching (you will not believe what) The Apprentice. Who would have thought that 12 years later that same guy would be running for president. Scary. Anyways my grandmother is one of the last true matriarchs, she hold the whole family together. This year she will welcome her 21st and 22nd great grandchildren and she still stays up till 2 and 3am at all of our weddings and special events. There are some words that I say because of her.

As for my mother it is tough to describe how much I love her, she and I have shared some of the happiest and most difficult moments in life. Growing up my father used to go out on business and hunting trips and sometimes my mother was left with the task of being both a mother and a father. It was not easy for her, she made many mistakes but she made all of them thinking it was the best thing for her children. She is 100% heart. Today, as I said, she turns 60 years old. Happy birthday Mom. May your grandchildren bring you all the joy and love that your children where to proud to deliver at times.

Last but not least my daughter… it is weird even to type it out. My daughter…. or well our daughter (when my wife reads this, if she does, she will surely complain that I said MY daughter haha) will be born sometime around April, we cannot wait. For starters my wife is 110% ready, every hour that passes there is a human being growing bigger and bigger in her belly and the more she grows the more her other organs get crushed inside her. For me it has been mostly about keeping her comfortable, helping more around the house and simply trying to appreciate the simple things in life while we are still only two, like going to the movies, going out to concerts (we did some SXSW shows last Thursday, my wife was a champ, she walked like 4 miles and did not complain once) and staying up late watching TV and then waking up even more late and enjoying the mornings.

I wish I could stay here and write for hours but I have to get going because spring break is over and classes have re started today.

Goal for the week: staying on top of class work whilst I network my way into a summer internship.

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