Overcoming classism in Mexico
Xavier Autrey H

In Mexico the average stay-at-home maid starts with a salary of $380 dollars per month! Usually, they wake up at 7am and retire to their rooms at 9pm at the earliest. You might think this I am exaggerating but I am not, keep in mind us Mexicans eat breakfast around 7am, lunch at 2pm and dinner around 8pm. To sum up they work 14 hours per day for 26 days per month, excluding their two weekends off, they get paid $1.05 dollars per hour. Again, $1.05 dollars. Per. Hour!

My wife and I live in Austin, Texas, we were recently contemplating hiring help to clean the apartment twice a week. So far we have gotten quotes between $18 to $26 dollars per hour. Let’s assume we choose a maid that charges $22 dollars per hour times five hours worked per day; that brings it to $110 a day, $880 per month.

Austin maids make 2.3 times the amount of money in a small fraction of the time! Mexican maids need to work for 7 and a half fourteen-hour days to achieve the income that an Austin maid makes in 5 hours!

5 hours vs 105 hours to achieve the same income! And you still wonder why Mexicans are willing to sacrifice their lives to come to the US? Wouldn’t you?

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