Here Comes Everyone

McLuhan, Enzensberger, and Clay Shirky all have a relevant message about the use of technology. The discussion of unity and participation, and the way we interact with technology suggests we move ourselves further as we contribute more within this new medium. Dr. Lucas explained that the message within the medium changes depending on the container it is presented through. The message can also change over time.

In Here Comes Everybody, Clay Shirky states: “most of the barriers to group action have collapsed, and without those barriers, we are free to explore new ways of gathering together and getting things done” (22). The barriers Shirky speaks about have broken down because of the advancements of technology. McLuhan’s article, Narcissus as Narcosis, suggest that technologies are extensions of our selves. “All media are extensions of man that cause deep and lasting changes in him and transform his environment.” Media give us new capabilities and changes us. We fail to recognize this because we become numb by the affects these tools have on us. The more innovative we become and grow; the barriers are broken even further. Cell-phones, e-mails, digital newspapers, and social media like Facebook o Periscope, we become the producers and active participants. Those technologies bring us together.

In addition to McLuhan’s essay, Enzensberger recognizes the potential freedom of the media, and believes that media in the digital age would mobilize audiences, and makes them active producers. He also believed that, each receiver is a potential transmitter rather than just passive users. People are active producers/transmitters of content through the Internet. The media played a major role in the success of the Civil Rights movement. The media brought the inequalities and denials of basic civil rights in the South to the attention of the entire country. There was only one channel of the communications; therefore the people receiving the information didn’t have a way to respond.

Producers and consumers become one, and media such as YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram, give everyone the potential to be producers. Getting paid off of a social media site for your number of followers is an actual thing. You can turn your YouTube channel into a career, and there you have become a producer. YouTube subscribers are able to communicate through comments and likes. New media has moved towards two-way communication forums. Being a consumer will soon become short in order to succeed.

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