The defence motivation is always to defend the client, they need no separate motivation.
Equality For All

I was referring more to an imbalance in public discussion, and less about the letter of the law in the civil suit. You said in your original comment:

“What I find most frightening is the TOTAL unwillingness … to look at a case starting from a neutral standpoint, and instead of fitting everything into their own prejudices and beliefs.”

That is precisely what I see here, but law organizations and media outlets are only discussing one side, which concerns me. As I’ve followed this case, it’s as though the plaintiff is more on trial more than the defendant! Without seeing case documents and hearing testimony myself, I don’t feel comfortable giving a verdict, but I’m concerned by an unmissable discrepancy: outside of women’s advocacy groups, I don’t see the defendant facing public shame and outrage as the alleged suspect of rape and abuse, but I see widespread shame and outrage levied against the alleged victim in various mainstream channels of discussion. That bias lowers my hopes for objectivity in legal practice/discussion.

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