To Women I dislike, About unwarranted fear
Rachel Edwards

The opening sentence of this post talks about how you prefer hanging out with men over women because of a sense of honesty. I happen to be a guy, how bout that! I also like friendships where everything is out in the open with no silent judgement. If I were hanging out with a woman and something I said or my friends said made her uncomfortable, we’d want her to tell us, just like this girl is doing with this article. The cards would be on the table. You suggest that if a woman is bothered, she should just find less offensive guy friends to hang out with? Me and my guy friends don’t want that to happen! Sounds like a great way to lose old friends we like hanging out with! We wouldn’t be annoyed at her for saying something, we’d be glad. This is a FRIEND after all, whatever the gender. She speaks her mind, maybe we agree or disagree, but we talk about it, and let the chips fall where they may. THAT is the type of friend I want, girl or guy. I guess I’m not understanding why her article seems to have made you so mad. This girl sounds awesome.

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