Design-led is a fallacy. Integrated design isn’t.

This article got me thinking about the philologic usage of the word ‘design’ and how harmful it is for our craft. I believe that we, designers, should try to avoid using ‘design’ to describe our deliverables or outcomes. We should call them wireframes, prototypes, sketches, research, evaluation, consultancy, etc, and we produce them to facilitate the design process. In medicine, doctors don’t produce ‘doctor’ and you rarely hear architects’ final products to be call just ‘architecture’. Design should stick to the process of embedding a build-test-learn methodology into development. Designers would then be detached from the intrinsic task of producing ‘designs’ per se to become facilitators of the process. By reframing the way we use the term, we’d have a much happier live and our work would be much clearer to everyone.