Network Mapper: Network exploration tool and security / port scanner


-Pn Skip discovery phase (treat all hosts as online)


-sS SYN scan

-sTfull TCP scan

-sV version scan


--script-help [default] print script’s info

--script run script

SANS nmap Cheatsheet v1.0
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Arbitrary TCP and UDP connections and listens

Scan for listening daemon, without sending data

> nc -z 20-30
> nc -zv 20-30


> nc -l 1234 # server
> nc 1234 # client> nc -l 1234 > out.txt # server> nc 1234 < in.txt # clientGNU
> nc -lp 1234
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BSD man page

Nearly every character in American Kingpin seems to have wandered in from one Coen brothers movie or another — Ulbricht’s girlfriend is a born-again Christian who runs an erotic photography business; one of his chief confidantes is an undercover DEA agent who begins stealing from him; and the man who discovers his true identity is a nerdy IRS agent who reads every sentence three times.


American Kingpin is written as a drama, but so many events in Ulbricht’s life read as farce. His over-the-top conversion to libertarianism; a disastrous early experience as a psychedelic mushroom farmer; his paying hundreds of thousands of dollars for revenge murders that never happened; and his ultimate discovery at the hands of his email address

The Verge

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Book cover


Xavier Briand

50% solution finder at @ExperiencePoint / 50% endurance cyclist. Will train for food and burn it for adventures.

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