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While I agree with most of what you mention, this is hardly Carrie’s first foray into such behavior. She tends to be condescending towards her friends (e.g., Samantha during her no orgasm phase, Samantha when they are in the “Upper East Side, Charlotte in this particular instance, and Samantha again during the tea-bag lunch). Overall, I think Carrie tends to act very embarrassed on Samantha and rather annoyed at her sexual antics as was proclaimed in Season 5 when she caught Samantha blowing the UPS guy.

Something else that I noticed, money related, was an episode in season 2 where a friend buys her a cashmere stole or something of the variety Carrie goes on about how she really needs the money and would rather return it for the money. That is very tacky thing to do, especially with such an elaborate gift. Re-gifting is one thing, but blatantly saying you’re going to return the gift is just downright tacky.