What does it take to scale up a decisive yet collaborative startup culture?

Decision-making with speed, quality and scale

“You have to somehow make high-quality, high-velocity decisions. Easy for startups and very challenging for large organizations” — Jeff Bezos

Most organizations care deeply about the quality of their decisions. But in today’s ever-changing world that is not enough. …

…and how to solve it!

Like many tech companies, SEEK is a big user of continuous discovery. By involving a few customers each week for user research sessions, we aim to:

  • foster a culture of continuous improvement in product teams;
  • build deeper empathy for customers and their usage contexts;
  • discover how specific customers perceive and…

What is innovation and how can you encourage it?

The “5 Cs of Innovation” is a simple and easy-to-remember tool that aims to answer the question: “What is innovation and how do you encourage it?”. This tool helps you explore the characteristics and behaviours that underpin successful innovation, regardless of your specific framework or methodology.

Defining Innovation

Innovation is best defined…

a.k.a how we innovate without shooting ourselves in the foot

The benefits of focused action are generally well understood, as evident by the widespread use of minimum viable products and agile software practices. Focus is also at the heart of good strategy and personal effectiveness.

By limiting scope and focusing effort on a few priorities, we test assumptions quickly, get…

…wonders a dad who’s done this for over a decade.

Until fairly recently, it’s been unusual for a man who cared about his career to reduce his working hours for family reasons. Historically, it has tended to be women who end up juggling part-time work with family responsibilities, with real & perceived barriers (even stigma) discouraging men from considering it.

Creative thinking is a skill, not a talent.

With a few simple techniques, just about everyone can come up with creative ideas. And, as with all skills, the more you practice… the better you get.

Here are six techniques to help you generate creative ideas.

1. Deep-dive, then back off

Set aside a defined stretch of time to soak up as much context…

It’s not easy launching a new subscription business. The subscription economy overall may be thriving but relatively few companies ever make it to scale.

For example, have a look at the data from subscription platform providers. Compass data shows only 7% of subscription companies made it to 10,000 users. …

Why We’re Using “Subscriber Share” on Envato Elements

At Envato, we believe that ‘when the community succeeds, we succeed’. So, for our new graphic asset subscription — Envato Elements — we had an important choice.

Should we stick with the traditional ‘big pool’ method to work out how contributors get paid? It’s simple, safe, and easy to do…

For our new product Envato Elements, we convinced our boss to let us use Outcome Driven Innovation (ODI). I’m glad we did! For starters, we got vital insights into how customers measure the success of their job-to-be-done. Plus we then had the focus & confidence to make bold, product-shaping decisions.

By an Australian visitor to Berkshire Hathaway’s 2016 meeting

Last week, I travelled 15,000 kilometres to hear the world’s greatest investor speak. Ever since my first share investment at age 16, I’ve held Warren Buffett in high regard. And so, 23 years later, I fulfilled a long-held ambition.

That’s right. I flew all the way from Australia across to…

Xavier Russo

GM of Certsy, a SEEK startup creating Australia’s leading pre-verified employment passport. Helped launch Envato Elements and RedBubble.

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