Be positive, just like your master likes it

People go out of their way to look at the bright side and be optimistic. They have a circular argument that says that everything is better if you look at the bright side. They are such a happy crowd that one feels like an asshole pointing out that their logic is essentially flawed. And in general, they don’t seem to be doing any harm.

Well, sometimes the optimistic/positive attitude is the worst thing that you can do. “When?” you say. Well, when you have to defend yourself.

Sometimes—like these days, for example—the world becomes pretty grim. Things are taking a turn for the worse. It happens. Days like these, smiling to the sun can make you feel better, but won’t, in itself, change things for the better. Sometimes it really doesn’t matter what your attitude is, if you are happy, or angry, or sad, because what’s needed is action. We all understand this when life throws us in an emergency situation. This ideology of constant optimism and happiness risks putting us in a sedated attitude that makes us unable to react until it’s too late.

As an individual, being always watchful is exhausting, makes you miserable and probably doesn’t lead to the longest of lives. It is however absolutely crucial as a community that we remain watchful and questioning. There are things on every level of society that we need to challenged and reevaluated on a continuous basis. Now that times are darker, we need more than ever to awake from the sheer “looking at the bright side”. Even Hitler had one (he loved dogs).

Sometimes, we have the moral and communal responsibility of staring directly into the darker side of things, taking in how bad things really are, and start reacting accordingly. If you think you don’t have the strength to do that, it’s fine. But let’s not fool ourselves. By itself, and as a dogma, looking at the bright side achieves nothing.

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