Fight the power

You don’t have to wait for the undeserving to become president to start fighting the power. Fighting the power should be like breathing.

Never confuse authority with power. Power is what happens when authority is not deserved. Power is when the person in the biggest chair got there despite not having the respect of the people supposed to follow them; even worse, when they don’t have the respect of the people that will be most affected by their choices. But power is also a commonplace; a meme; a virus, a disease of society, the myth that we need someone taking care of us to function. The myth that leaders are anything else than self-serving parasites. We don’t need them. You don’t need them. But they most certainly need you.

There is authority: there is the person that, through hard work or pure brilliance — most likely both — becomes someone whose opinion you respect. You, personally. You can exercise your freedom of recognizing someone as wiser than you in a certain respect. This is saying that you believe someone to have authority over a certain subject; this is fine.

Power is destruction. Sure, power can be used for good—for destructive good, such as when a farmer levels a forest to get more farming land and feed more people. But it is still destruction. Even when good, power needs to be kept in check.

Power is patriarchal. Power is a way of satisfying the insecurity of the self-proclaimed leader. Power is what happens when people can’t accept their fetishes in the bedroom and need to shove them down the throat of a whole company (or nation).

Power is slavery. Power always strives for slavery. Power demands submission: be it money, be it church, be it state, be it brands. Attention, submission. Power’s drive is to make you less free. Its strength is fed by every drop of freedom that you renounce to.

You have the moral and ethical mandate to resist and undermine power. Power can tell you what to do; it can’t tell you how to do it. Power is not omnipotent, or omnipresent (despite the myths that it likes to tell, such as that “big brother NSA is always watching”); power can only see what you choose to show it. If you are having an acceptable time under a kind leader, don’t forget that others are not. Don’t forge that every tyrant was a “kind leader” to somebody. Even him.

Don’t forget that the same office that housed the cool guy can just as easily house the mad. Forget about the guy: fight the office.

Undermine power wherever you are. Power does not deserve respect: at best, it deserves mockery. At worst, is deserves open confrontation. Power kills. Power rapes. Power makes lives miserable.

Power is not a country. Power is not a particular tyrant. Power is the belief, engrained in your head, that you owe anything to your boss/president just because they are your boss/president. You can personally respect your boss, even trust your boss. But never their rank. If ever your boss friend tries to pull rank, remember that rank is abuse. All the “leadership” talk that corporations love is just a sad euphemism for power and submission. If you “follow a strong leadership” you are just being an “alternative slave”. Don’t fall for it. You owe power nothing.

If you think that any of this sounds too abstract, if you think that any of this is just a general rant: think again. This couldn’t possibly be more relevant. We are in the brink of totalitarianism on the global scale. And how we got here? By giving power a running chance. By collectively thinking “things are rather fine, we can postpone political reform, what’s the worst that could happen?”

It’s never too late, of course. But it’s long overdue. Our current system of economy and politics is hilariously outdated. Our central banks, our central stocks, our state owned coins. Our institutions telling us that copying files mean prison time. Our states being allowed to discriminate people based on their country of origin, in blatant contradiction of the most basic human rights (literally). Our fake “democracies” whose levels of bureaucracy and corruption are so rampant that the only way we can relate to them these days is open mockery and sarcasm. Our even scarier third-world fascist states whose crimes the “advanced” countries pretend to not see because they sell oil and raw materials. It’s all broken, and it’s all because we are not brave enough to imagine a world with a different type of organization structure. It’s all because we trusted power.

Let’s stop right now. Let’s keep being vigilant. Let’s reimagine the world power structure; and let’s reimagine it without them. Without power.