I beg for your opinion, for i have hard time sending a message to a wall.

Born in early 1996 in Bulgaria, raised in a loving family that understand and supports me at any point in my life. I am thankful to my mother and father for who I am, which to me is one more solution to the problem I will try to describe:

I have noticed that most of the boys and girls at my age tend to lean to “the dude” kind of life. Laid back, lacking motivation or more precisely a goal to reach. It almost feels like having way too narrow field of view, missing the bigger picture of life.

While I ask for your opinion on the matter, please keep in mind something called Juvenoia explained very well by George Orwell:

“Every generation imagines itself to be more intelligent than the one that went before it, and wiser than the one that comes after it.”

So instead of saying how things were better back in the time, please take in full consideration of the modern age and all its pros and cons.

“Why should i care? Not my problem…”

Very often I heard the phrase “Why should I learn that”. Heck, I too said it many times, the reason for which is something i believe must be changed in general.

The educational system — when you teach someone how to do square, cubic or whatever roots, when you teach about the laws of thermodynamics you shouldn’t go for linear approach of “Start with the fundamentals to understand the advanced”.

I would form it “So here are the cool advanced stuff” and explain it to grab the attention, then show them the cool math, even if no one understands it.

Use it to motivate them to learn the basics, in order to get to that cool stuff, so the question “Why am I learning this” can have an answer.

I heard this way too many times… And it pisses me off

This can be a big part of the problem with laziness and lack of motivation for self-improvement. Thinking now and then why should I bother with something I see no point of learning will teach me how easy it is just to abandon it and slack off.

The sad part is that what I’m writing now most likely will never reach the eyes of the people It’s directed to.

Many times I have tried to give my opinion to people in that situation, that are led to believe, that living laid back and let stuff go and “don’t worry, things will get right” are very hard to convince.

And their arguments are valid. There is often some weird and yet undeniable meaning in many of their thoughts that are hard to argue when all you can say is “Get your shit together.”

It’s cool to be botherless.

I have seen how cool it looks in the movies when strong characters are made to look like they don’t care, since to them dealing with the problem, doesn’t require much of effort.

This is quite often wrongly interpreted, not only from having as an example the fictional characters, but also real life people.

While growing up, a kid sees that it is awesome to chill out, but is unable to see what is behind — years of practice, rich life experience that led one to act “cool” in the heat of the moment.

What can you advise me?

I don’t know what is the proper response to “Why should I bother” to a person that believes in the whole “Nature will find its way” philosophy.

No matter what I say to them, they block it, probably fearing it might be true. Denying it keeps them in the comfort zone, where It’s all warm and cozy.

Any suggestions on this are very welcome; I would love to see your opinion on the matter and your way of sending a message to people that try real hard to run away from it.

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