Frontex: a misunderstood agency

Co-authored by: Korneel DE SCHAMP, Benjamin GUICHARD-SULGER, Iryna SHUVAIEVA, and Sarah HAMOUDA

Since the dawn of the European migrant and refugee crisis, the European Border Management agency (Frontex) has taken a central place in the discussion. However, its role has frequently been mischaracterized and misunderstood. While the agency can serve as an important part of acoordinated response on the common European border, it is currently marred by a series of problems and inefficiencies, increasingly brought to the fore by its inability to respond to the current crisis. However, these inefficiencies are mostly the result of the way in which the agency was constructed by the European Commission, the Council and the Parliament. It is thus unfair to scapegoat Frontex for the mishandling of the crisis - it was not constructed to face a crisis on this scale.

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