so tired of work, so tired recently…

had convocation two days ago and still havent recover from the tiredness. whole day of rushing here and there, tensing up, taking photos… cant imagine how tired being a bride is, running here and there, making sure everything is in place and having to pose for so many photos.

actually for the convocation like not much feel. results was in august, convo was in april. after working for 7–8 months, i dont have the “out of school” feel. just wanted a closure for uni as well as for parents and ahma.

brought ahma along for convo, she said she never attend any uni graduation before, dont know will have chance anot. choy! anw last year was her first time witnessing how psle results arebeing collected (she brought cousin to collect results)

hope another ahma up there is proud of who i am now, although i have not accomplished much, studies also half pass six. but ya, will continue to strive for the better.

sidenote, im getting sick if my job rn…….

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