Inside TechCrunch Disrupt

Team member, Robert Cox getting ready to enter the wild world of TechCrunch Disrupt.

Ever wonder what the true ins and outs of the tech world look like? Well the X-Block team set out on a daunting yet highly exciting adventure to explore the fast-paced universe of startups at TechCrunch Disrupt 2018.

For those not in the know, TechCrunch Disrupt is the center stage for tech companies all around the world. It’s such a big deal that there are about three whole episodes of Silicon Valley dedicated to the event. Disrupt is where every startup dreams of going and X-Block did just that.

Day one of Disrupt can only be properly described in one word: disruptive. The exhibit floor was teeming with some of the biggest tech companies from every corner of the world including Bose showcasing its new SDK glasses and Bumble recruiting users for its latest feature, BumbleBizz.

The X-Block team got to experience all the trendiest gadgets the world has to offer, washable t-shirts that help you track your children, smart golf clubs, VR driving simulations, car leasing apps and just about every smart product under the sun.

We were in a room full of potential and it felt like any of these companies could be the next big thing.

CEO, Zach Ketchum connecting with professionals in the blockchain pavilion.

Our own CEO, Zach Ketchum was immediately drawn to LifeBank, an app that uses a supply chain to keep track of blood donations and transfusions to prevent HIV and AIDS.

“Seeing how blockchain technology is changing lives right now, is proof that we have something great with X-Block,” says Ketchum.

Following the exhibits, our team member, Robert Cox sat in on some of the many panels headed by major companies including Coinbase, Glossier, and Goldman Sachs.

Effie Epstein and Ashton Kutcher discuss making sound investments in tech.

We listened to a panel with Ashton Kutcher, a well known angel investor in Silicon Valley. His main words of advice to new and seasoned investors: believe in your investment. Kutcher comes across hundreds of bright ideas but only invests in the ones he believes have the potential to do good in the world.

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission also held several panels centered around ICO regulations. In short, it is a challenge to create regulations for these organizations because of how new the industry is. The SEC agrees that ICOs do have a place in the US economy but believes that ICOs should approach the SEC to ensure they are following protocol.

Robert admiring an IBM quantum computer.

Robert Cox sat in on a panel featuring the Founder of XRP, Brad Garlinghouse, as well as one of the founders of TechCrunch.

“I loved their discussions on the current state of cryptocurrency and believe that this is an opportune moment for X-Block. After sitting through several exceedingly dry panels about SEC regulatory decisions, Michael Arrington’s eloquent words toward their decisions thus far were an entertaining and refreshing angle on the matter.”
Robert under a literal cloud of technology at SF MOMA.