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As a small business owner, you earnestly desire that every penny you spend on your business count.

There’s no specific amount agencies or SEO professionals charge. Also, there’s nothing like a fair charge.

The charge is dependent on the agency and how they price their services, the nature of your business, and the specific kind of project you’re bringing to the table.

SEO agencies can charge in diverse modes. It can be monthly, hourly, or per project. The price varies from agency to agency.

Payment per project is very much dependent on the project to be worked on. So, the…

As a small business owner, you’ve been told about SEO. You’re wondering if it will be of any worth to invest your money or time in it. Is it just about the traffic? Your small business blog gets to rank for search terms, is that all? You’re still puzzled as to how it helps your small business.

The sole purpose of getting traffic through to your small business blog is that it increases your sales all around. A blog for your business can skyrocket your business revenue if you direct your content towards sales. …


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