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Part 2: Alex view

It wasn’t long between my first learning what an ICO is and us starting the project of creating our own token.

I’d had a general interest in cryptocurrencies and blockchain gleaned from what the IT press was writing about it. ICOs had just started coming up in that reading and seemed an interesting concept — but to me where quite remote from the messaging middleware that we were doing.

So just imagine my surprise when one Monday morning, Tobias outlined his idea for XBR to me: creating an additional layer on top of …

Part 1: Stefan and Michael’s view

This series of blog articles will reveal the story of how XBR came about — shedding light on it from different angles, with individual experiences of the core team behind the project.

Surprising things happen at the most unexpected moments

Our story starts two years ago with Michael, a molecular biologist, and me, Stefan, a computer scientist, spending regular quality time together at our favourite pinball machines, while discussing how to return control of personal data to individuals.

Going up against large corporations, established players such as Google and Facebook, with their pervasive data collection networks and industry-leading analytics that are the…

Bit by bit, we’re sharing the XBR story so far. And putting the power of personal data back where it belongs, with its value no longer a token consideration.

Part 0 — The XBR story

Part 1 — Big bang theory

Part 2 — Connecting the dots


Creating a global, decentralized data economy —

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