Programming reacting with reality

Executing your code in the real-world

Imagine that you’re returning home after a difficult day by bus and someone next to you was saying shits, How can you make him stop burning your mind ?

If you are a murderer, kill him or if were a programmer (Like me :D) I’d like to write a piece of code in order to stop.

Seem to be impossible ?

We all know that the programming environment is limited, So how we can control the reality programmatically ?

What about an Interpreter embedded in humans ?

Yes, I am taking about Microchip implant.

The Microchip has the ability to communicate with and control neurons and contains a unique ID number that can be linked remotely to receive a piece of code which been executed in our minds.

Programming reacting with reality diagram

Resource of the idea

  1. Gamer(film).
2.Mind Control Brain Implants — Targeted Individuals

3. My daily life problems.

The end of story

We all look forward for a better future for programming languages, And I hope we’ll have the ability to control everything by coding sooner.
I’m not a crazy scientist or an alien, I’m just a programmer looking for solutions to his problems.