SWFT Pay: Crypto’s Fast and The Furious

SWFT Pay is a crypto startup that does several things well. Being a cross-chain wallet and trading platform, SWFT Pay has minimal transaction costs with phenomenal transaction speeds, a common oxymoron the venture has debunked. With peer to peer payments and QR code payments enabling users to send and receive over 120 tokens, SWFT Pay is transforming the world of cryptocurrency transfer, a hitherto unexplored avenue.

The SWFT Pay Team

The mission of SWT Pay is simple, yet profound: To create interoperability among more than 40 blockchains, effectively breaking down fiefdoms and isolated ecosystems to grease the wheels of the token economy.

Available on Android, iOS, and web, SWFT Pay’s cross-platform presence ensures that its users — over 400,000 and in 57 countries around the world — can leverage the venture’s unique method of sending and receiving cryptocurrency.

In Spring 2019, SWFT Pay was accepted into the exclusive startup program of the Berkeley Blockchain Xcelerator, something that has led them to view the world from a lens of “why not” instead of only “why.”

More importantly, however, having leveraged the Xcelerator’s resources and having drawn from Berkeley’s multidisciplinary culture of law, business, and engineering, SWFT Pay aims to be a constructive force, constantly contributing to blockchain-enabled payments, interoperability, and decentralized finance.

Come, follow SWFT Pay’s exponential journey and be part of the Xcelerator.

The SWFT Pay Team

Berkeley Blockchain Xcelerator

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A partnership between Berkeley Engineering’s Sutardja Center, Blockchain at Berkeley, and Berkeley Haas

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