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We are now several months into post-launch operations here at XCH4NGE, but our work has barely begun. As a community-focused platform, we want to make sure we’re giving our users the tools and features they need to succeed, and sometimes that means taking criticism. We asked our users and ambassadors what they wanted from their platform, and they had plenty of suggestions. Never ones to sleep on improvement, naturally we got to work. Here’s what’s going on at XCH4NGE HQ!

A New Way to Buy

Excitingly, we have recently introduced a new type of order for users- the buy…

It’s just getting into the end of February, and it’s already been a busy year for us! XCH4NGE is now available in 241 countries worldwide with 18 different payment methods. As if that’s not enough, we’ll be complementing our expansion by adding an additional 5 currencies to our selection in March.

When we started XCH4NGE, our goal was to allow users to spend their cryptocurrency as exactly that; currency. We still strongly believe in that goal to this day, and we believe that our global expansion will allow us to promote this in the countries that need it the most…

Built to provide a better platform for P2P trading, we are happy to announce that XCH4NGE is now available in 241 countries worldwide!

XCH4NGE aims to improve upon the P2P status quo. We support Bitcoin, XRP, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin Cash, provide 24/7 live support, and now only require basic account details needed to get started!

We will also be significantly increasing the currency selection shortly after our global opening. The addition of new currencies and tokens, as well as additional payment methods is part of a bid to provide increased flexibility and utility for our users.

International users are…

Opinion piece by George Vaselli

Social media posts and cryptocurrency news websites have recently reported a wave of anti-cryptocurrency activity from Indian banks, with widespread threats of account closures for customers who deal in cryptocurrencies. Despite the outrage, this latest act in a long line of hostile moves from India has many parallels with the policies of the Western banking industry.

Overnight Policy

The movement seemed to happen overnight; a wave of letters from banks arrived to account holders, warning them of the consequences for cryptocurrency trading. These appeared to be simple advisory letters, as the notice stated that further correspondence would not be required in the…

After a successful testing period in the UK, XCH4NGE will soon be launching our platform in an additional 25 countries. This initial expansion will include 24 European countries, as well as India. A full list of countries can be found at the bottom of this article. Additional expansion rounds will be announced in the coming weeks and months, with the goal of near-global accessibility by the end of Q1.

To provide the best possible experience for our users, we are searching for liquidity providers and high-level market makers across our full currency selection. Our aim is to provide a secure…

After a successful initial trial period in the UK, XCH4NGE will now begin testing for our new transaction method in January 2019! This method will see our payment system facilitate transactions via our crypto friendly bank account, providing increased protection for both buyers and sellers. This means that buyers will pay directly into our registered UK business account, which will then immediately pay out to the seller.

We are also excited to announce that we will be expanding our service worldwide! …

The Bitcoin Lightning Network (LN) has posted significant growth this week, as implementation passes $2,066,000 (or 500 BTC) in capacity. This is the first time LN has obtained such capacity, and is especially noteworthy given the general uncertainty of the current bear market.

Monitoring website confirmed the increased capacity for payments on December 24th. Interestingly, the total number of accessible nodes and channels also posted large gains, showing 13.7% and 25% growth respectively. These metrics follow a prolonged period of network growth for the payment solution.

The previous week, the “worlds cheapest art auction” was also held on Lightning…

Recently, a new report from the Hong Kong Securities and Exchanges Commission (SFC) states they are looking to tighten the current cryptocurrency laws as concerns over crypto-crime and money laundering across Southeast Asia. This is in stark contrast to mainland China, where they have taken a very hardline approach towards the cryptocurrency industry over the past year; the authorities support blockchain, but cryptocurrencies are of no interest to them.

Hong Kong is one of the world’s leading epicenters for finance. The SFC is set to reevaluate cryptocurrency laws, those for Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) sector. …

Cut through the noise to the stories that matter. These are the stories and events that defined this week in crypto. This week, we touch on the future of digital assets, utilisation and guidance for cryptocurrency and blockchain, and more!

Spotlight: The future of digital assets

After a huge year for both the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry, it is only natural to analyze this development. These are our picks for uplifting news after a rough year.

1. EU Parliament Calls for Action on Blockchain Adoption in Trade

The European Parliament (EP) has called for measures to boost blockchain adoption in…

Following news that verified crypto-user numbers doubled in the first three-quarters of 2018, the study by Cambridge University also concluded that the death of Bitcoin amid an 85% drop in price has been ‘greatly exaggerated’ by the media.

Media coverage after the price collapse this year has focused on the crypto bubble bursting. However, Cambridge Universities study suggests that speculation of the death of Bitcoin has been oversold. The study found that not only was there an increase in user volume and engagement, but there was also a 57% increase in diversification, with companies offering an integrated service to customers…


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