xChainge crowdsale ended

Dear friends and supporters! We would like to inform you that on December 30th the xChainge crowdsale ended. Unfortunately we did not succeed in reaching the Soft cap of 10,000 ETH as we had intended previously.

Actually we should admit the xChainge crowdsale failed, and it happened due to numerous reasons. Obviously our marketing efforts were insufficient to achieve a better result in explaining our ideas to the blockchain community, promoting the tokens’ issue and attracting enough investments during the Dutch auction. Besides we have not got any institutional investor in the project until now. We really felt a lack of time to arrange a proper promotional campaign as we paid much more attention to developing products and designing the xChainge website to make it more convinient and comprehensible. Moreover we were in hurry to present a ready-to-use product to the community as soon as possible and needed more money to boost the work. We are sorry indeed if our ICO’s results fell short of your expectations. You know, they disappointed us too.

We assure you that investments our supporters made in the xChainge tokens will return to their wallets within several days after December 30th. If you meet any problem in refunding your ETH sent to the auction, feel free to get in touch with us in any way convenient to you — directly through our official mailbox welcome@xchainge.io or any our account in social media (you can find more contacts at the xChainge website).

Besides we should thank participants of the xChainge Bounty campaign who did their best to help us creating a friendly attitude to the project in the blockchain community. We appreciate your support very much but unfortunately you can not get your Bounties for the efforts made to make us more popular, as all the xChainge tokens were destroyed after the crowdsale failed. However, we will keep info about your contribution in the campaign, and whether another round of ICO happens, we will consider it in the distribution of Bounty items and tokens to those who support us in a later crowdsale.

Despite disappointing results of the xChainge crowdsale we would not stop working on the project. We will continue the R&D on principles of a platform for decentralized storage and exchange of crypto assets. As well, we will seek other sources for funding our ideas. You may follow our developments at the xChainge website or our pages in the social media where we are going to post news for a while.

In January, 2018, we are scheduling some appointments with blockchain investment fund and moneybags who are able to invest or lend further development of our products. Whether we succeed it would be possible to return to idea of arranging another round of token placement in order to involve the blockchain community in the project later. As the xChainge token is to become a payment mean in a decentralized exchange ecosystem that we are developing, we would not avoid such a placement, anyway.

Meanwhile we deeply believe in ideas of free digital financial world and really decentralized crypto exchange, so we are confident that the market values our ideas and supports us appropriately, sooner or later.

Thank you for your support and attention to the xChainge project. We are wishing everyone a Happy New Year!

xChainge Team