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Extant is a term commonly in use in biology to refer to taxa (singular, taxon), such as species, genera and families, that are still in existence, meaning still alive as opposed to extinct.

CBS did an impressive amount of marketing for a binge show. While the premise is interesting, Halle Berry proves that acting doesn't get easier as you get older. In casting her as the lead I can only assume CBS wanted to play it safe, and when the show is canceled it is the casting director that should be blamed.

Pierce Gagnon plays an excellent robot child. Goran Višnjić is mediocre as a father. The only performer I find to be completely satisfactory is Grace Gummer. She glows on screen as if possessed by alien energy. She carries the show, sorry Ms. Berry.

The cinematography is on par, as should be suspected for anything with Spielberg’s name on the poster. All of the tech is believable and beautifully weaved into the show. All of the sets were masterfully designed, as well as the costumes. The script is well written.

3 out of 5. In a decade when they try the concept again and get the casting right I’ll give it the 5 out of 5 it deserves.

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