What’s wrong with our EU referendum?

It’s totally pointless, that’s what.

Whatever the outcome, in or out, the result will be totally pointless.


Because no-one is asking the real questions. We have a swathe of UK MPs for and against and not a single one of them actually highlights any of the real quantifiable problems with the EU.

Government has spent £9million on some waste of time leaflets that will tell no-one anything they really need to know and will end up in the bin.

Why didn’t they make a documentary explaining how the EU works?

At least then the general public would have some real factual basis to decide upon how it works rather than posturing on supposed benefits and numbers that are hard to weigh up. I can only hope someone is busily finishing off the edit on such a documentary..

The fundamental problem, because no-one of any note in the UK is arguing for reform, is that there will be no reform — regardless of whether the result is in, or out.

I’ve asked my MP (who is in the leave camp) twice if he will be calling for reform if the result is an in, but he’s dodged the question. I will ask again.

So really, what is the point?

Even most people within the remain camp will agree that the EU “isn’t perfect” yet where is the case pointing out the problems and arguing for reform?

The only person who has come forward highlighting any of the real democratic problems is Yanis Varoufakis, even starting a movement to try and effect change — http://www.diem25.org/

By the end of this exercise, whatever the result, we will have wasted years of effort and £10million+ of tax payers money for nothing.

(that’s a £9m dodgy leaflet cheat, £14m official budget split between leave and remain, and we’ll throw in another £2m in referendum admin)

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