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XCOYNZ is at a crucial phase of our drive to bring the financial revolution of cryptocurrency to the ordinary person on the street. With the launch of the first phase of our Initial Exchange Offering on 9 May 2019 we are at an exciting stage of our business plan.

For too long, the world of cryptocurrency has been obtuse and opaque, putting off the public and preventing it from taking part in what promises to be a transformation in the world of money. Where Joe Bloggs would struggle with the complexities of the technology at the heart of the cryptocurrency environment, XCOYNZ provides an integrated and simple platform that promises to remove undue complexity, cost and time delays.

Why are we doing an IEO?

The Initial Exchange Offering is a newer but very promising option for the rapid raising of funds, superseding the now dying Initial Coin Offering as the instrument of choice for market capitalisation for the most forward-looking companies. The complexities of aspects such as contracts, marketing and KYC/AML are managed by the exchange. This leads to substantial savings in marketing operations alone, giving companies like XCOYNZ a better financial starting point to develop their project to maturity.

The inherent exponential growth potential in this market will draw in many ambitious and discerning investors. That will drive a virtuous cycle of high market growth with substantial benefits for investors. In fact, our unique Tokenomics design allows XCOYNZ to make a fundamental change in the way long term token growth appeals to and safeguards investor return.

Details of our IEO

Our IEO in partnership with EXMARKETS is in three rounds, a week at a time with a week’s rest in between. The dates of the rounds as follows:

· Round 1–09/05/2019 to 16/05/2019

· Round 2–23/05/2019 to 30/05/2019

· Round 3–06/06/2019 to 13/06/2019

Full details can be found here:

The long-term business model of XCOYNZ is based on solid Tokenomics — a platform revolving around the issue and the continued growth of crypto tokens. Token value appreciation will be at the heart of all our business operations, user experience and pricing. This constitutes the rise of an ecosystem that will take cryptocurrency to the waiting masses. We aim to prioritise early stage investment with staggered development of our core platform components. These components are at the heart of what we envisage as being a powerful medium for the public to engage with the cryptocurrency market with minimal effort or research on their part. These are the Smart Algorithm Wallet (SAW), the Payment Gateway, X-Swift withdrawal and the Smart Card, all of which addresses the elements of cost, complexity and lack of commercial adoption into our tokenomics as explained below.

From our previous articles, you will probably know that the Smart Algorithm Wallet allows for the HODLING (holding of cryptocurrency for better days!) of multiple currencies. The key advantage of SAW is that it is driven by its’ own algorithms which analyses the market fluctuations of different currencies, enabling the investor to understand the dynamics of currencies such as Ethereum and Bitcoin over a period of weeks or months. This can then inform the holder whether to buy or sell without needing to do too much market observation or research. The payment gateway enables merchants to interface with cryptocurrency so that people can pay for goods and services in cryptocurrency of their choice. That would be potentially tapping into a revolution in the long run. X-Swift withdrawal enables the withdrawal of fiat cash from cryptocurrency and vice versa. The advantages of this are understandable in terms of convenience and ease. Lastly, the Smart Card enables potential payment for things like public transport using cryptocurrency wirelessly, underlining the inherent functionality and sophistication of our platform.

It is notable that the cryptocurrency market is still at the stage of nascent development or infancy, despite the waves it has made in the news prior to the market slowdown in 2018. It will gradually reach the levels it was previously at as cryptocurrency inches towards the stage of mass adoption. Speaking honestly, the public is still somewhat sceptical of this new monetary innovation. On the other hand, the great opportunity offered by cryptocurrency is that of profiting from a market that is poised for explosive, amazing growth as people begin to question the intrinsic value of fiat or paper money and how crypto can replace it.

XCOYNZ is among a rare breed of companies that is forward-looking, ambitious and clued up to the challenges of adapting a nascent market into something that is viable for mass adoption by the public. The future is bright and we invite you to take a look at our IEO starting on 9th May 2019.


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