XCOYNZ Smart Algorithm Wallet (SAW)

Feb 28 · 2 min read

Individuals will be provided with a free XCOYNZ SAW. This is a unique wallet that integrates all of the Individual’s crypto asset addresses into a single XCOYNZ address. Only crypto that is listed and supported on the XCOYNZ Exchange can be selected to be included in the SAW.

The following options will be available for SAW holders:

User Defined Crypto

Every Individual can set their own default crypto, and the maximum number of cryptos. This will then be used against any transaction that is used for payments.

Smart Selection

The SAW will include a set of machine learning algorithms that will provide the Individual with the following options:

Reduced Network fees

Based on the crypto assets in the SAW, the Smart Algorithm will deliver suggestions on the most cost-effective combination of crypto to use to ensure the lowest network fees are attained.

Most profitable use of crypto

Based on the crypto assets in your SAW, the Smart Algorithm will calculate the most profitable crypto assets to use to ensure you do not spend your crypto assets that have a loss against them.

HODL Predictions

Based on current and historical crypto trends coupled with algorithms that will indicate performance, the Smart Algorithm will provide suggestions as to which crypto should be kept for long-term, mid-term and those that should be considered for selling immediately.


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