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New Friendship

xCrypt is happy to communicate to its community that an important partnership has been established.

XCT Token is going to be listed on the Metamorph platform once the ICO is terminated.

Xcrypt is getting ready to the ICO beginning, which will be in October 2018, while already proposing today to its community two exchanges, on which is possible to trade XCT. After the partnership with LA TOKEN, which I’d rather call “friendship”, since we share the concept and development themes, comes the one with

Metamorph Pro is a decentralized exchange just shortly officially present on Coin Market Cap. is an easy exchange platform that allows to switch digital currencies. The coin switching, as they call it “Morph”, combines the most popular cryptocurrencies on the market.

xCrypt is the first securities and ERC721 exchange based in Malta. is the first crypto ecosystem with an high added value with the heart in its exchange: hybrid, ready for securities and for a marketplace made for the erc721. We created this end to end system which includes a debit card and a social platform for our users to interact and create a strong community. This ecosystem is made to be at the same level as the world’s biggest players, and even surpass them, for we are already suitable in this field’s future.

The differencies between xCrypt and its competitors are several and are going to be explained below, in a user friendly graphic. We are convinced that our end to end ecosystem could attire small, medium and large investors.

The present exchange market is, in our opinion, too small, but xCrypt wants to exploit it to the maximum. An exchange, traditionally, lists several cryptocurencies and ERC20 altcoins, not catching every occasion the market has to offer.

Cryptocurrencies and Altcoins are currently capitalized around 300 billion dollars of value, but it’s when we look at the next scenarios market that we’re left astounded. Xcrypt looks at the future and decided to build a Future proof platform, ready to catch the market’s developments. Here are the added values and the differences between Xcrypt and a traditional exchange:

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We’re close to releasing a new wp, online in the next few days.

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xCrypt is the first trustful and safety Regulation-Complaint Digital Asset Exchange ready for Digital Assets, FIAT and ERC721 where you can buy & sell the most

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