FP for the practical programmer. pt1: The Either type.

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FP is an abbreviation for functional programming. After having experienced OOP(object oriented programming) and FP, I am in favor of FP and believe that many people, once the ideas are understood, will feel the same.

  • higher order functions. You are using map, filter, reduce/fold on a daily basis? These are higher order functions.
  • lambda functions. Enjoy creating functions on the fly within your filter, map and reduce/fold? Yep, I do too.


  • Whenever something is written in italic I want to mimic the readers (yes, I am talking about you) possible thoughts and questions. Something like But how is this better than what I already now? or And how do I use this in my everyday code? to give two examples.
  • Whenever something is written in bold, I want to highlight something for the reader.


Either is a type that is used whenever you are doing something that can fail.

Idea of having a function returning an Either
Type definitions for the Either type. Function to create a value of type Left and Right.
Function that would blow up our application code.
[ERR]: "Executed JavaScript Failed:" [ERR]: Unexpected error occured!
Using Either instead of throwing an exception.
[LOG]: "I am alive! The result was: ",{"_tag": "Left", "left": {}}
Leveraging Either type
[LOG]: "We got an error! The error message was: ", "Unexpected error occured!" 
Just adapted the value from 1339 to 1338
[LOG]: “I am alive! The result was: “, 1348

Recap, what did we get out of this, so far?

  • Code that could break our application was replaced with code that returns a value of type Either.


Let’s see how we can turn any function that would blow up to leverage our new friend, the Either type! We create a function that we call “safeCall” which takes a function that could blow up our application and in turn, returns a function that returns the Either type instead! Just another higher order function, like your everyday map and filter, nothing scary.

Using safeCall to turn any unsafe function into a function that uses the Either type instead!
[LOG]: "Got an error! Error: ", "Unexpected error occured!"
Calling the function with 1338 instead of 1339.
[LOG]: "result: ", 1348



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Pierre Dahmani

Pierre Dahmani

Full Stack Software Engineer enjoying Typescript, React Native and Functional Programming.