Not that this is the point of your piece, but …
Kyle Jepson

Kyle Jepson

1. With calendly, your guest has to be proactive and submit to your schedule. Amy never drops a ball and negotiates with the guest until she finds an agreeable time and will let you know when a guest is being unresponsive.

2. Most other solutions don’t take into consideration different locations, meeting dynamics, different durations, etc… Amy learns your preferences, and you can tell her to adjust preferences on an ad-hoc, meeting-to-meeting basis, if that suits you.

3. For reschedules and cancels, all of the work is on you and the guest to cancel the invite and make sure that the guest picks a new time. With Amy, just tell her the original time doesn’t work, and she’ll reschedule it.

4. Our customers do find her enormously helpful and time saving —

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